13 October 2013

Shall We Date? Destiny Ninja [Hyuga's Walkthrough]

This is Hyuga's walkthrough, the first character that I had dated in Shall We Date? Destiny Ninja. Based on appearances, he was my favorite before Yoshitsune came out but his attitude is atrocious. Hyuga is an orphan who is adopted by the elder at Fire Village and was trained to be an elite ninja. He is a close friend of Enya, though may not seem like it in his route. I hated him at the beginning, so cocky and bossy. He is a jerk whose mouth is bad and pretentious in front of Yoshitsune. I didn't expect him to hide a big secret and have a twist in his route. I just thought he have strong loyal feeling and very protective of Yoshitsune but that wasn't it. Hyuga own a ninja dog whom he cares a lot for and will reveal his youthful side in front of the pet. The dog is really smart, by the way!

The romance part came a little late, and his sudden change of attitude along the story is odd too. Towards the ending, I felt neutral for him as he changed a lot after confessing and falling in love with the protagonist. In the spin-off story, Newly-Wed Challenges, Hyuga is much caring and funny. He is portrayed as a protective husband and like to get sexy with the protagonist. *blush* Anyway, just download the game and try out his route or spin-off. He isn't that bad to the core like I described. After all, he have great skill and know how to protect people. Oh, his bed skill is good too~ *giggles*

As you can see from the Love Meter above,
+Lovey Dovey (Secret Love Ending)
+Sweeeeet (Sweet Love Ending)
Between Lovey Dovey & Sweeeeet (Lovesick Ending or Hidden Love Ending)

To get a sweet ending with him, aim for the Sweet Love Ending and you'll unlock all the CGs for his main story. To get a steamy and sexy ending, aim for Secret Love ending but you might miss a few CGs. To get a happier ending than Sweet Love, aim for the Hidden Love Ending. You just have to maintain the heart at the green state, nearer to the sweet side. Don't stop at Lovesick Ending as you won't get any CG and after a mission, you'll get to proceed to Hidden Love Ending. The main story CGs are at chapter 1, 3, 6, 8 and 10. You might get it early or later in that chapter, depend on the choices you make.

Chapter 1

I'm sorry.         +Sweeeeet +CG
I'll do it myself. +Lovey Dovey

Would you lend me some of your clothes? +Sweeeeet
I'm fine like this.                                      +Lovey Dovey

Chapter 2

No, it's nothing.                            +Lovey Dovey
I have to protect myself by myself. +Sweeeeet

Y... yes.                 +Lovey Dovey
No, I didn't mean... +Sweeeeet

Gate Checkpoint - 1 Pass

Chapter 3

Enemy Checkpoint - 60% Success Rate


It's my fault.                               +Sweeeeet
The enemy ninja was powerful... +Lovey Dovey

It's better that I leave here... +Lovey Dovey
Do you think I'm childish?     +Sweeeeet

Chapter 4

I was moaning?                            +Sweeeeet
Because I was really frightened... +Lovey Dovey

Roulette Checkpoint - 60% Success Rate

You’re shy!                   +Lovey Dovey
I think you’re awkward. +Sweeeeet

Chapter 5

Friendship Checkpoint - 100 Friendship Points

...                                    +Sweeeeet
I am probably not royalty. +Lovey Dovey

Silently blush.         +Sweeeeet
Completely deny it. +Lovey Dovey

Chapter 6

Roulette Checkpoint - 40% Success Rate

I was just in the moment... +Lovey Dovey
I wanted to repay you        +Sweeeeet

Not only for that. +Sweeeeet +CG
... Yes.                +Lovey Dovey

Chapter 7

Friendship Checkpoint - 300 Friendship Points

I'm glad I could be of help. +Lovey Dovey
I only said what I saw.        +Sweeeeet

What's wrong...?            +Sweeeeet
Something's odd tonight. +Lovey Dovey

Chapter 8

Are you making fun of me? +Lovey Dovey
...                                      +Sweeeeet +CG

Roulette Checkpoint - 40% Success Rate

Let me do this.          +Sweeeeet
Can I really do this... +Lovey Dovey

Chapter 9

Enemy Checkpoint - 40% Success Rate

You bastard!         +Sweeeeet
You're too awful... +Lovey Dovey

Why...?                             +Sweeeeet
What about my feelings...? +Lovey Dovey

Chapter 10

Forgive Hyuga +Lovey Dovey
Yoshitsune... !  +Sweeeeet

Roulette Checkpoint - 20% Success Rate


Why...?               +Sweeeeet
I don't want that! +Lovey Dovey

Gate Checkpoint - 6 Passes

Chapter 11

...Yes                    +Lovey Dovey
About Yoshitsune. +Sweeeeet

Enemy Checkpoint - 20% Success Rate

Gate Checkpoint - 11 Passes

Nod yes.                +Sweeeeet
Smile while crying. +Lovey Dovey

Hyuga's Thought On Yoshitsune







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